Friday, March 20, 2015

Tribute to Spring Wizards #firstdayofspring #springequinox

Happy first day of spring! Today is one of the most important days of the year because of the hopeful, enduring symbolism of spring. Spring is a promise that winter always ends and life always returns. Every year, since the beginning of time, warmth and life have returned to the earth. No matter how cold or long the winter, flowers bloom again in the spring.

Working with the spring theme in book three has been powerful for me. It's hopeful, but also frightening. Despite the resilience of spring's return, spring is also fleeting. Each year, the flowers have to die, and you have to trust that new flowers will return again. Spring is just a handful of beautiful days. Blink and it's gone.

Last year, I wrote a Tribute to Spring Wizards, and everything I said then was true, but in writing book 3, I learned so much more. In book one and two I focused on solstice wizards--winter and summer. All those wizards were rather unpredictable, and had a way of surprising me, but spring wizards have surprised me even more. With winter and summer, I felt like I was always calling those wizards back to the side of good. They always wanted to tend toward evil. 

Spring wizards are not like that at all. No matter what I throw at them, it's very hard to turn them evil. They have trouble turning evil even if they want to. Their deepest essence is all about life and hope--so powerful that it can't be tainted. They are far braver than I ever expected, living life with much less fear than other types of wizards.

Samantha Carthage

Of course, like all types of wizards, spring wizards aren't all the same. Samantha's parents were so afraid of pain that they chose death instead, and abandoned their daughter. Samantha's aunt does the same--so interested in living in the present and doing whatever she wants, that she's not capable of taking care of a child. There are downsides to living in the now. Holding on to the past and future can hold you back, but ignoring them hurts you too. The past makes you strong. The future gives you hope. You need both to truly appreciate the present.

I'm dying to share more about some of the spring wizards in book 3, but I don't want to give out any spoilers, so I'll keep quiet. BUT I am releasing the first few pages of book 3 later today! Come back to the blog to get the first taste of book 3.


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