Saturday, April 18, 2015

#Nestpitch2015 #TeamUnbreakable is here!

I am THRILLED to announce NestPitch Team Unbreakable, with five amazing submissions picked by myself and the delightful Jessika Fleck and Katy Upperman. I chose the name "Unbreakable," in part because I had that theme song from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt stuck in my head...

And now you do too. :) But I also chose the name because authors have to be unbreakable. A crack or two is expected, but an author who makes it through the query and pitch wars and survives is made from stronger stuff than eggshells. 


And without further ado, here is #TeamUnbreakable:

Trebled Times of CeCe Santos by Susan O'Connor (YA Contemporary)
Like Stitching Coffee Cups by Jennifer Dugan (NA Romance)
It Happened on Thunder Road by Susan Antony‏ (YA Romance w/ Magical Realism)
Rainbirds by Clarissa NG (Adult Literary/Coming of Age)
The Curse of Jenny Greenteeth by Mandy Silberstein‏ (YA Thriller)

That's all you get for now. In the next few weeks, our team will be working together to refine the pitches and first pages. On May 11th I will be posting each author’s entire pitch and first words.

You can find the first clues to the other pitches here:

And you can also go to the Nestpitch Blog where you find a link to all the blogs as well as a complete Title, Category/Genre & Author list.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Writer Mama #Bloghop - Join the chaos 5/4/15

If you have small children and also write books, I know you've been asked the big question...

"Where do you find the time?"

Usually my answer is, "I dunno...I just do it." Writer mamas and papas know that we don't magically have more time in our lives than everyone else, we just make space for writing because it's important to us. 

On 5/4/15 writer parents will unite to share their secrets and support each other in the Writer Mama Bloghop! I know you're distracted and don't have much time, so I'll make it easy. Sign up on the linky below, then schedule a post to go live on 5/4/15.
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Your post can be about anything related to writing while jugging the responsibilities of being a parent. Here are some questions you can address in your post if you need some ideas:
  • How do you make time to write?
  • How does your spouse feel about your writing?
  • What are the common questions or comments you get about being a writing mom?
  • Where is the strangest place or circumstance where you've found time to get some writing done?
  • How much time a week do you spend writing? How quickly do you write books?
  • What impact (if any) do you hope to have on your children by being an author? Would you want your children to follow in your footsteps?
  • How old will your children have to be before you let them read your books (if ever)?
  • What tips or words of wisdom do you have to share?
Again, these are just ideas to spark your creativity, you don't need to answer each one in your post. But you can if that's easiest for you! I'm not picky about the definition of "mama." Anyone who is a caregiver of some kind can participate and men are more than welcome!

A random poster will win a Writer Mama Care Package (US) or a $25 Amazon gift card (INTL). Remember to sign up on the linky below!
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The Tina Fey ads in this post are from the "What's Your 20?" campaign from American Express. I promise that this bloghop is not sponsored by American Express (although wouldn't that be nice?...feel free to send me money, American Express) but these ads do a great job showing the life of a writer mom.