Sunday, May 10, 2015

SB#1 The Curse of Jenny Greenteeth - YA Thriller


The Curse of Jenny Greenteeth

YA Thriller

92,000 words

PITCH: When Sophie’s little brother vanishes, a deathbed message sends her on a dark hunt where she finds ghost witch, Jenny Greenteeth and angers her. Now Sophie must unravel a curse that could cost her everything.

QUESTION: What type of Easter Egg would your MC be?

ANSWER: A deviled egg because I have a jealous ghost witch after me.

FIRST 300:
In the wispy dark of a foggy night, the children come. The children die.
Jenny Greenteeth croons to them, her keening call they cannot deny.

Chapter 1

            Gram was dying and it couldnt happen soon enough. Not that I didnt love her and wish she could be with us forever, but her frail body fought for each breath that it took. The oxygen mask offered her so little relief that I didnt think it was worth strapping it to her face. No one wanted to watch their beloved Gram die that way, drowning without a drop of water in sight.
            Sams sobs drifted through Grams closed bedroom door. Dad said that eight was way too young to take part in the vigil, but we chose to keep her at home, so he knew what was happening. This room would always be haunted by Grams final breaths and Sams sobs.
            Mom had long since stopped her own crying. I think she was numb. She sat in a chair beside the bed and stared at the blankets covering Grams small frame. I wondered if, like me, she wanted this to be over. For Gram, her own mom, to have some peace.
            Shell finally be at rest, said Dad. The scratch in his voice belied the stern set to his face.
            Gram had been a constant in all our lives. Shed lived with us longer than I had. We made the move to the east coast last year just for her. She loved the sea and wanted to return to her hometown.
            The waves have secrets, she used to say when Id go for walks with her along the shore. That was before the stroke took away her ability to take walks. Or speak anything other than mumbles and grunts.


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