Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A TASTE OF DEATH AND HONEY will release on 6/9/16!

It's the question that people have been asking me constantly for almost a year...when is book 3 coming out??? Well, now I have your answer, although it may be further out than some of you may have liked--6/9/16. But don't fret! I'll be hosting a big spring celebration in March-May with plenty of opportunities to get your hands on an ARC. This also gives you plenty of time to review the series by listening to book 1 and 2 in audiobook! ;)

Just so you know, it only took about one hour after this announcement before I heard a new question..."When does book 4 come out?" Of course, I don't know yet. But my goal is to finish book 4 before book 3 comes out, so it can go in the publishing queue soon after it.

A Taste of Death and Honey:

When Samantha’s parents died, she lost everything. Her home. Her friends. Her hope. Then a life-loving spring witch at the children’s shelter fills her life with light and joy once again.

But like the springtime, Samantha’s happiness doesn’t last forever. Her friend dies violently in front of her, the victim of a mysterious killing spell. Furious and grief-stricken, Samantha resents her own weak spring magic. She doesn’t need life and renewal. She wants revenge…and death.

Homeless and alone, Samantha seeks shelter with her old friends, the Vandergraff family, and finds an unexpected ally in the powerful winter solstice witch, Evangeline. The girls’ anger and eagerness lead them to cast a killing spell before knowing the truth behind Samantha’s friend’s death or the identity of her killer. 

Once the spell is cast, they can’t take it back, and they must fight to stop their own curse before it takes away everyone they love.