Saturday, February 20, 2016

Purchase deeply discounted books and audiobooks to support @traviscoccp! #AmplifyATX

Like many authors, I have a day job! And unlike many authors, I really love my day job. :) I'm fortunate to get paid to do something I love to support a cause I'm passionate about--writing grant proposals and impact narratives for the Center for Child Protection in Austin, Texas.

The mission of the Center for Child Protection is to reduce the trauma to children during the investigation and prosecution of crimes against children. Time after time, I've seen our staff take on the most severe and devastating cases of abuse and neglect in Travis County. And time after time, they provide hope and healing in cases that might seem impossible. I am consistently inspired by their courage, patience, and high-quality care.

From now until 3/8, donations made to the Center through the Amplify Austin page will be matched by the St. David's Foundation, so it's a great time to give! You can simply make a donation on my Amplify Austin page, and/or you can participate in my sale below. I'm donating the items, so 100% of the cost of the item will go to the Center for Child Protection during Amplify Austin.

Thank you for your support!!


Signed paperback copy of The Charge $5 (U.S. shipping included!)

Destruction Audible Audiobook $10

Watch Me Burn Audible Audiobook $10

Destruction Digital Book (.mobi, .epub, or .pdf) $3

Watch Me Burn Digital Book (.mobi, .epub, or .pdf) $3


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