Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tips from Spring Wizards #firstdayofspring #springequinox

They may seem a little flighty and "out there," but spring wizards are very wise. I might even argue that spring wizards are the most wise of all the wizard seasons. I can just feel the fall wizard eye rolls as I say that. If anything else, they know how to love life and live well. Here are some words of wisdom from the spring wizards of The December People Series:
"Most of the time, nature is beautiful, nurturing, and incredibly patient, but she can also muster a power and fury than could tear down Hell itself." - Imogene Gray

"Nature only allows humanity because of her kindness, she has the power to obliterate all that mankind creates." - Imogene Gray 
"Dance then, where ever you may be." - Penelope Carthage (quoting Lord of the Dance by Donovan Leitch)
"Follow whatever calls you. Butterflies. Rainbows. Sunsets. Thunderstorms." - Imogene Gray
"I named you for an evergreen because they survive even the coldest, darkest winters. They thrive in eternal greenness, unbothered by snow and ice." - Penelope Carthage 
"When you leave your body, and it doesn't matter where your rotting flesh resides. The dead reside everywhere and nowhere at once. She didn’t need ashes to call a spirit." - Samantha Carthage
"Evangeline was talking about how flowers die easily, but that’s not really true. The petals themselves are fragile…but the bulbs are not. That’s one of the reasons why the lily is a symbol for Easter in the first place. Resurrection." - Samantha Carthage
"The world is filled with beautiful chaos." - Samantha Carthage
Here are some spring wizard memes from the web that you might also enjoy. At least, I assume they are spring wizards. I can't prove differently. ;)

To hear more spring wizard-isms, check out A Taste of Death and Honey!

This book will grab you by the throat, challenge your mind, and turn your heart inside out. Sharon Bayliss delivers a powerful, emotional punch with her third book in the December People series. - Amy Bearce, author of  The World of Aluvia Series
When Samantha’s parents died, she lost everything. Her home. Her friends. Her hope. Then a life-loving spring witch at the children’s shelter fills her life with light and joy once again.

But like the springtime, Samantha’s happiness doesn’t last forever. Her friend dies violently in front of her, the victim of a mysterious killing spell. Furious and grief-stricken, Samantha resents her own weak spring magic. She doesn’t need life and renewal. She wants revenge…and death.

Homeless and alone, Samantha seeks shelter with her old friends, the Vandergraff family, and finds an unexpected ally in the powerful winter solstice witch, Evangeline. The girls’ anger and eagerness lead them to cast a killing spell before knowing the truth behind Samantha’s friend’s death or the identity of her killer. 

Once the spell is cast, they can’t take it back, and they must fight to stop their own curse before it takes away everyone they love.


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