Sunday, September 9, 2018

HARVEST, Book Four in the December People Series

I'm pleased to announced that HARVEST is complete and will release on 9.23.19! For you wizards out there, yes that is on the autumnal equinox. Harvest is the fourth and final installment in the December People Series. I'm excited to introduce you to the darkest season...

After the loss of loved ones, Patrick Vandergraff has been trudging through college in a haze of grief. Plagued with violent visions about his family, he avoids going home. But on Thanksgiving, he decides to visit his siblings at his aunt and uncle’s house. 

However, the only thing he finds is an empty house with a red circle painted on the door. Patrick searches for his siblings, turning to his girlfriend Elena for help. He meets Elena’s family and discovers that she is part of an ancient clan of fall wizards called the Los Segadores, who are responsible for preventing future atrocities. 

Although their mission sounds benevolent, he learns that fall wizards have a dark secret—and the woman he loves and his siblings are on opposites sides of an age-old war. 

Stuck between both sides, Patrick must find a way to protect the ones he loves as they meet in battle on the Blood Moon.