Tuesday, October 8, 2019

New Destruction Cover!

The December People Series is getting all new covers! I'm excited to share the new cover for Destruction, created by Kim G. Design.

Buy the new version in e-book and paperback on 10/15!

Friday, September 13, 2019

December People Series News

Happy harvest moon night! The moon has an important role in book 4 of The December People Series, Harvest. Thus, this seems like the perfect night to share some big news about the series.

As many of you may know, my previous publisher Curiosity Quills Press is no longer publishing new books. Thus, I've had to step away from them to complete my series. It's made a long delay between book 3 and 4 even longer (although I also take some of the blame for moving too slowly). I sincerely apologize to my readers for the long wait. :(

The good news is that I've now signed the whole series with Animus Ferrum, an exciting and supportive hybrid publisher of speculative fiction. I will be re-releasing all the books in the series (with new covers!). The release dates are as follows:

October 15th: Destruction

November 19th: Watch Me Burn

December 17th: A Taste of Death and Honey

January 21st: Harvest

Thank you so much for your patience. I'm hoping that Harvest will be worth the wait and will provide the satisfying resolution that my fans deserve. I love you guys. <3

Here is a moon related excerpt from Harvest:

The next night, Emmy woke to the sound of frantic scratching. Lacie had stayed inside tonight, but she wasn’t asleep. In the darkness, Emmy’s vision took time to focus, and even then, what she saw didn’t make sense.
Emmy turned on the light and Lacie shuddered, holding her hands up to shield the light from her eyes and practically hissed at her. So…a werewolf or a vampire? Or some kind of combo? A rusty red color covered her hands and Emmy’s stomach flipped, thinking blood. But the “blood” shimmered. Bronzer? All over her hands and smudged on her arms and swiped across her face. She had created a giant rust colored circle on the wall. She turned away from Emmy and continued filling in the circle, rubbing and rubbing.
She ignored her.
“I’m almost done. Leave me alone.”
Emmy watched her, transfixed. The circle had perfect proportions, and Lacie worked on any uneven edges, stepping back to check it for balance. Emmy felt unhappy butterflies flutter in her stomach. This felt wrong.
“Just go back to sleep,” Lacie said, still working on her mural.
“Why?” Emmy asked, unable to articulate her many questions.
“It’s cloudy,” Lacie said.

“I couldn’t see the moon,” Lacie said, as if she explained something painfully obvious. She used a ruddy finger to wipe a tear from her eye, leaving a strange streak of battle paint across her cheek.


The Magic of the Harvest Moon

Historically, farmers would use the light of the harvest moon to continue their work late into the night to prepare for the rapidly approaching winter. The harvest moon is a time to prepare for and celebrate change. In my opinion, the best way to celebrate the harvest moon is to think about the future, ideally while taking a nighttime stroll in the moonlight. Howling may also be appropriate. I mean, if you can't howl at the harvest moon, when can you howl?

The fall is a time of change and preparation for the future. Predicting the future is what fall wizards are best at. Instead of just waiting to be barraged with pumpkin spice and plastic spiders and wondering where the summer went, try to be intentional about fall this year. Try envisioning the future. Watch the trees around your home and notice when the leaves are about to fall. Feel the change of temperature in the wind before the mercury actually drops. Witness fall coming.

Here are some more ideas on how to celebrate the harvest moon: